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Happiness is: 

  • Shelling out the extra $35 to United Airlines for front-row Steerage Plus over a six-hour international flight.
  • Getting to visit far-off lands because you’re a bike racer. Period. 
  • Waiting thirty minutes for a McDonald’s chicken sandwich as your first culinary experience in said far-off land because it’s the only thing open in town after 9 PM. 
  • Passing ‘round a fifth of fantastic (cheap!) local rum and Coke loaded into an open water bottle with other racers two hours after the McD’s trip…because this is the Caribbean, dammit, and that’s what you do (damn the intestinal distress, full speed ahead). 
  • Discovering the AC in the tropical hotel room is about as adequate at cooling as the non-functional blower unit in my Volvo. Which is to say, it isn’t…which suits Cesar I-wear-arm-warmers-in-90-degree-heat Grajales just fine. 

Nate’s big time.

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